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12,000+ words in Print + Digital

Each NFT will grant its owner access to the digital magazine upon completion of the magazine (expected end of September) plus one print copy of the magazine delivered to their doorstep*. The magazine is filled with over 12,000 words of content about the IOTA ecosystem with a special focus on the Shimmer dApp ecosystem. Once you are done reading, you can resell the NFT on Soonaverse to grant the next reader access to the digital magazine.

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25-Piece Limited Golden Edition

The Golden Edition of the first release of the magazine is limited to 25 pieces, of which only 20 will be available for sale. The other 5 are reserved for giveaways. If it is not sold out yet, you can mint it here:

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* Shipping rates apply. Free shipping to at least Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, United States and Canada.